1. What is General Assessment Tax?

General Assessment Tax or ‘Cukai Pintu' is the tax imposed on rated holdings within the jurisdiction of Hulu Selangor District Council, such as:

  • Residential Buildings (Condominiums. Flats, Terraced Houses, Detached Houses, Bungalows and others)
  • Business/ Commercial Buildings (Shops, Shop-Houses, Shop-Offices, Shopping Complexes, Hotels and others)
  • Workshops, Petrol Stations and Cinemas)
  • Industrial Buildings (Factories, Warehouses, Plants,  Depots, Sub-Stations and others).

2. What is the difference between District Councils/ Municipal Councils with Local Authorities (LAs)?

In this country the Local Authorities are divided into three categories as follows:

  • City Halls/ Councils
  • Municipal Councils
  • District Councils

The City Halls/ Councils are Municipal Councils that have been upgraded to city status when they meet certain criteria. The criteria for City Halls/ Councils are a total population  of more than 100,000 people, and an annual revenue exceeding RM20 million.

Municipal Councils are more ‘urban based' when compared to District Councils, with bigger population and income. The criteria for Municipal Councils include having a total population of more than 100,000 people and an annual revenue exceeding RM5 million.

District Councils are more ‘rural based'. The criteria for District Councils are a total population of less than 100,000 people, with an annual revenue of less than RM5 million.

3. How many Local Authorities (LAs) are there now / at present in Malaysia?

There are a total of 145 LAs (including Kuala Lumpur City Hall), i.e. 31 Municipal Councils (MCs) and 114 District Councils (DCs).

There are also other bodies that have been  authorized by their respective State Governments to function as LAs, such as Kulim Hi-Tech LA, Pasir Gudang LA, Putrajaya Corporation and others

4. Are all LAs in Malaysia under the work jurisdiction of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government (MHLG)?

All LAs are under the jurisdiction of therespective State Governments. The MHLG's job scope covers the uniformed implementation of its policies and legislations, to give advisory services including technical advisory, and channeling of funds from the Federal Government.

5. How can the public make complaints on issues and problems faced in the area of the LAs?

The public can complain directly to to the LAs or the MHLG.

6. What action can consumers or the public take against the party responsible for the collection of rubbish if they do not perform their jobs?

Consumers can complain directly to the nearest Local Authority to enable cleaning activities to be done as soon as possible.

7. What are the colours of recycling bins? The colours of recycling bins are as follows:

  • Blue - for paper o Orange - for aluminium and steel cans and plastics
  • Brown - for glass

8. When do we celebrate the National Recycling Day?

The National Recycling Day is celebrated on November 11th each year.